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To Watch The Storms Tour

Hackett Stage plan 2003

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
15 – 19.9.03 Map Studios Twickenham London England (Rehearsals)
22 – 25.9.03 The Ritz Rehearsal Studios Putney London England (Rehearsals)
27.09.03 13 (venue name) Tilburg The Netherlands
28.09.03 Boerderij Zoetermeer The Netherlands
29.09.03 Het Noorderlight Tilburg The Netherlands
1.10.03 The Guildhall Southampton England (Never finalised)
2.10.03 The Apollo Oxford England (Never finalised)
3 – 4.10.03 The Stables Milton Keynes England
5.10.03 Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton England
6.10.03 City Varieties Hall Leeds England
7.10.03 The Palace Theatre Newark England
9.10.03 Huntingdon Hall Worcester England
10.10.03 Coal Exchange Cardiff Wales
11.10.03 The Oakwood Centre Rotherham England
12.10.03 City Hall Hull England (Never finalised)
12.10.03 Renfrew Ferry Glasgow Scotland
13.10.03 Neptune Theatre Liverpool England
15.10.03 Whelans Dublin Ireland
16.10.03 Waterfront Hall Belfast Ireland
17.10.03 Paisley Town Hall Glasgow Scotland (Never finalised)
18.10.03 Opera House Newcastle England
19.10.03 Academy 3 Manchester England
20.10.03 De Montfort Hall Leicester England
21.10.03 Town Hall High Wycombe England
23.10.03 The Corn Exchange Cambridge England (Never finalised)
25.10.03 The Astor Theatre Deal England
27.10.03 The Regent Theatre Ipswich England (Never finalised)
28.10.03 Queen Elizabeth Hall London England (Tony Banks came along to show and had a great time)
29.10.03 Fairfield Hall Croydon England
31.10.03 Nalen Stockholm Sweden
2.11.03 KB Malmo Sweden
3.11.03 Tradgarn Gothenburg Denmark
5.11.03 Fabrik Hamburg Germany
6.11.03 Live Music Hall Cologne Germany
7.11.03 Colosaal Aschaffenburg Germany
8.11.03 Meier Music Hall Braunschweig Germany
9.11.03 Villa Berg Stuttgart Germany
10.11.03 Capitol Mannheim Germany
11.11.03 Centre De Culture Limbourg Belgium
14.11.03 Wisla Hall Krakow Poland

The Band 

Steve Hackett – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Roger King – Keyboards

Terry Gregory – Bass Guitar

Gary O’toole – Acoustic Drums, Electronic Sampling Pad, Percussion

Rob Townsend – Saxophones, Flute

(Guest for some of the UK shows) John Hackett – Flute

The Tour set list was mainly comprised of : In this period

Mechanical Bride,Serpentine Song,Watcher Of The Skies,Hairless Heart,Darktown,Camino Royale,Steppes,Acoustic Set,Walking Away From Rainbows,Slogans,Every Day,Please Don’t Touch,Firth Of Fifth,Wall Of Knives / Vampire With A Healthy Appetite,Spectral Mornings,Brand New,Myopia,Los Endos,Clocks,In That Quiet Earth

Additional notes : 

The Acoustic set would usually include, Classical Gas, Horizons, Kim,Black Light – not always in that order!

Vampire With A Healthy Appetite, would have instrumental breaks in it as recorded on Archive 03, although on some nights these would alternate they would include snippets of, Rhubarb and Custard, Superstition, In The Mood, “A Classical piece – that I cannot name at present” and other pieces!

On 20.10.03, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, Steve Hackett’s guitar string broke on his Gold Fernandes during Spectral Mornings and there was no guitar played during the exchange from Gold Fernandes to Black Burny Electric guitar and Steve was able to finish the song.

The show at 5.10.03, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, England, was a great show so much so that within days Steve Hackett’s then official website offered “Watcher Of The Skies” from this show as a digital download for 99p.

The tour was recorded by Ben Fenner and this would feature on the Double CD (Live Archive 03) and the album was made up of songs performed at the following shows,High Wycombe, Stockholm, Braunschweig, Croydon, Mannheim, Rotherham and Limbourg. In our opinion it is a better Live CD because of the variety of shows it was taken from compared to the Live Archive 04 that was recorded at only one show on the following tour.

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