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Ticket refund info – The Lamb UK tour

For those who are not aware – Genesis were meant to perform the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in the UK in early November 1974.

Unfortunately – whilst Genesis were rehearsing for this tour in London on an evening off Steve Hackett found himself backstage at a Sensational Alex Harvey Band gig in (we believe at The Kurzal in Southend, Essex) and Steve had an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol and he nearly severed his thumb off with a wine glass.

The result of this was that the UK tour dates were initially scrapped but then moved to April 1975.

Peter Gabriel was reported to have bemoaned this situation in an interview with NME on the 2nd November 1974, we therefore assume that this advert to return tickets was posted a week later on the 9th November 1974 in any of the music papers.

If anyone has further information as to the exact date and publication this was posted in please contact us.

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