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Ticket – Genesis – Stadion Slaski – Poland – 21st June

Turn It On Again Tour

A ticket for the show at The Stadion Slaski, Chorzów, Katowice, Poland on the 21st June 2007.

Note: This show is covered in the Genesis documentary – Come Rain or Shine, it starts with the build up to the show and the crew setting up under blue skies, but as the show preparations continue and the bands soundcheck begins a huge thunder storm comes in and torrential rain. There is lightening cracking through the skies as the stage management discuss what happens if lightning strikes the stage etc.

The band play the whole show, the crowd although drenched still sing along and clap throughout the awful weather.

It can therefore be a miracle that this ticket is in half decent condition:

(Many thanks to Vytas Dubniakovas for this interesting ticket)

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