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The Silver Clef Awards Concert – Knebworth Park – 30th June

The Silver Clef Awards Concert.

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
27 – 29.6.90 Fisher Lane Farm Chiddingfold England Rehearsals (Dates unconfirmed)
30.6.90 Knebworth Park Hertfordshire England (Show date)

The Silver Clef Awards Concert was a charity for The Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity featuring most of the bands and artists who had been awarded a Silver Clef award.


The Silver Clef fundraising committee was founded in 1976 by musicians and managers from across the British music industry, who wanted to honour and award music artists whilst raising funds for Nordoff-Robbins. The event went on to become the annual ‘Silver Clef Awards’ luncheon, an important date in the social and business calendar of the music industry, with even members of the Royal Family attending as guests of honour. The luncheon is also the flagship event in the highly respected and well-known diary of fundraising events put on by Nordoff Robbins.

(the above taken from wikipedia)

Genesis won a Silver Clef award in 1977, Phil Collins won a Silver Clef award in 1986.

In 1990 a concert was devised to raise money for the Nordorff Robbins music therapy centre, it was held at Knebworth park on the 30th June 1990.

Tears for Fears Opened the show in the pouring rain, followed by many other bands and artists throughout the day including

Paul Mccartney, Mark Knopfler, Elton John, Status Quo, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, Phil Collins and just after his solo set, Genesis amongst many others.

Pink Floyd Closed the show.

 Phil Collins – But Seriously tour 1990 (solo) band

Phil Collins – Vocals / Drums
Brad Cole – Keyboards/Synthesiser
Leland Sklar – Bass Guitar
Daryl Stuermer – Guitars
Chester Thompson – Drums/Percussion

Backing Vocals

Bridgette Bryant – Vocals
Arnold McCullar – Vocals
Fred White – Vocals

Brass Section

Rahmlee Michael Davis – Trumpet
Harry Kim – Trumpet
Louis Satterfield – Trombone
Don Myrick – Saxophone


Tony Banks – Keyboards/Piano
Phil Collins – Vocals/Drums/Percussion
Mike Rutherford – Bass Guitar/Lead Guitar
Chester Thompson – Drums/Percussion
Daryl Stuermer – Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar

The Show set list comprised of :

Phil Collins solo

In The Air Tonight, Colours,Another Day In Paradise,Sussudio.


Mama,That’s All,Throwing It All Away,Turn It On Again Medley (featuring the same medley as performed on the Invisible Touch Tour of 1986/87).

Additional notes : 

All of the Phil Collins solo band of 1990 (But Seriously Tour) join Genesis on stage for Turn It On Again, which is a rather interesting version because Phil’s brass section flesh out the simulated brass sections (Tony Banks did this with a keyboard usually) and the backing vocalists also add to the piece.

In The documentary Genesis A History – Genesis are interviewed during the rehearsals for this show, they are in the Farmhouse of Fisher lane Farm and at one stage they joke that they had chosen these songs for their set because they only had three chords in them.

You can also see a Drum kit set up behind the guys during this interview suggesting that they used the Farmhouse and not the Studio located on site to rehearse there set.

The Show was professionally filmed and released on VHS, and then later DVD and then remastered (Sound wise we believe) and re-released onto DVD.

Further notes: 

The show was also released as a double CD featuring some songs that didnt make it to VHS – DVD, it was a compilation of the show and remains an interesting album if not a bit to clean sounding to be a live album in places.

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