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The Living Years – Deluxe Remaster 2014 version

The Living Years Deluxe was released on the 20th January 2014, for reasons only known to Mike Rutherford there is not a Surround Sound version of this Remaster.

Produced by Chris Neil (1988) and Harry Rutherford (2014)

Disc: 1

1. Nobody’s Perfect
2. The Living Years
3. Seeing Is Believing
4. Nobody Knows
5. Poor Boy Down
6. Blame
7. Don’t
8. Black & Blue
9. Beautiful Day
10. Why Me?

Disc: 2

1. The Living Years 2014
2. Seeing Is Believing (Live)
3. Don’t (Live)
4. Black & Blue (Live)
5. Silent Running (Live)
6. Par Avion (Live)
7. Take The Reins (Live)
8. Nobody’s Perfect (Live)
9. A Call To Arms (Live)
10. Beautiful Day (Live)
11. Hanging By A Thread (Live)

Notes: Additional artwork added in the form of additional Mike and The Mechanics photos from all era’s which was bizarre, a new version of The Living Years on disc 2 with Andrew Roachford of the present day line up.

Further notes: Disc 2 is taken up with live tracks (except The Living Years) but its not known where from and what tour! (annoying), sleeve notes by Mario Giammmetti are interesting as was the inclusion of photos of master tape boxes at the near end of the booklet.

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