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The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Tour

The Tour starts in North America

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
14.10.74 Una Billings Dance School Acton England Rehearsals start (Dates Unconfirmed)
17.10.74 Shepperton Film Studios Middlesex England (Stage set up and PA tested)
25.10.74 Una Billings Dance School Acton England Rehearsals finish (Dates Unconfirmed)
29.10.74 to 12.11.74 UK TOUR POSTPONED Resumes April 1975 Due to Steve Hackett's hand injury
4.11.74 A Warehouse Dallas TX USA Rehearsals resume (Dates Unconfirmed)
18.11.74 A Warehouse Dallas TX USA Rehearsals conclude (Dates Unconfirmed)
20-21.11.74 The Auditorium Theatre Chicago IL USA
22.11.74 The Indiana Convention Centre Indianapolis IN USA
23.11.74 The Ambassador Theatre St Louis MO USA
25-26.11.74 The Music Hall Cleveland OH USA
27.11.74 Veterans Memorial Coliseum Columbus OH USA
28.11.74 The Masonic Temple Detroit MI USA
29.11.74 The National Gaurd Armory Fort Wayne IN USA
30.11.74 Syria Mosque Pittsburgh PA USA
1.12.74 The Lyric Theatre Baltimore MD USA
3.12.74 The Warner Theatre Washington DC USA (Doubt remains on whether this gig took place)
4.12.74 The Mosque Richmond VA USA
5.12.74 The Philadelphia Civic Centre Philadelphia PA USA
6-7.12.74 The Academy Of Music New York NY USA
8.12.74 The Palace Theatre Providence RI USA
9.12.74 The Music Hall Boston MA USA
11.12.74 The Palace Theatre Albany NY USA
12.12.74 The Palace Theatre Waterbury CT USA
13.12.74 Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ USA
14.12.74 The Market Square Arena Indianapolis IN USA (Cancelled)
15.12.74 The Forum Montreal QC Canada
16.12.74 The Concert Bowl – Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto ON Canada
17.12.74 The Auditorium Theatre Rochester NY USA
18.12.74 The Century Theatre Buffalo NY USA

The Tour recommences in North America

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
8.1.75 The West Palm Beach Convention Hall Florida FL USA (Assuming a rehearsal took place)
9-10.1.75 The West Palm Beach Convention Hall Florida FL USA
11.1.75 The Lakeland Civic Centre Concert Hall Lakeland FL USA
13.1.75 The Municipal Auditorium Atlanta GA USA
15.1.75 The Music Hall New Orleans LA USA
17.1.75 The Houston Music Hall Houston TX USA
18.1.75 The McFarland Auditorium Dallas TX USA (Cancelled)
19.1.75 The Civic Centre Music Hall Oklahoma City OK USA
20.1.75 The Civic Centre Phoenix AZ USA
21.1.75 The Macky Auditorium Concert Hall Boulder CO USA
22.1.75 The Community Theatre Berkeley CA USA
24.1.75 The Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles CA USA
25.1.75 The Golden Hall San Diego CA USA
26.1.75 The Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley CA USA (Cancelled)
28.1.75 The Civic Plaza Assembly Hall Phoenix AZ USA
1.2.75 The Kansas Memorial Hall Kansas City MO USA
2.2.75 The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver BC Canada (Cancelled)
2.2.75 The Grand Valley State College Grand Rapids USA
3.2.75 The Allen County Memorial Coliseum Fort Wayne IN USA
4.2.75 The Arie Crown Theatre McCormick Place Chicago IL USA

The Tour commences in Europe

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
19.2.75 The Ekeberghallen Oslo Norway
21.2.75 The Folkoner Teatret Copenhagen Denmark
22.2.75 The Niedersachsenhalle Hannover Germany
23.2.75 The Eissporthalle Berlin Germany
24-25.2.75 The Theatre Carre Amsterdam The Netherlands
26.2.75 The Palais des Grottes Camrai France
28.2.75 Parc des Expositions Colmar France
1.3.75 The Palais des Sports Dijon France
2.3.75 The Palais des Sports St Etienne France
3.3.75 The Palais des Sports Porte de Versailles – Paris France
6-7.3.75 The Pavilhao dos Desportos Cascais Portugal
9-10.3.75 The Nuevo Pabellon Club Juventud Badalona Spain
11.3.75 The Pabellon Real Madrid Madrid Spain
17.3.75 The Palais des Sports Porte de Versailles – Paris France
22.3.75 Salle D'Expositions Annecy France
24.3.75 Palasport Parco Rufion Turin Italy
26.3.75 The Ortenauhalle Offenburg Germany
27.3.75 The Messezentrum Halle A Nuremburg Germany
29.3.75 The Festhalle Bern Switzerland
30.3.75 The Saarlandhalle Saarbrucken Germany
1.4.75 The Friedrich Ebert Halle Ludwigshafen Germany
2.4.75 The Killesberghalle 14 Stuttgart Germany
3.4.75 The Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt Germany
4.4.75 The Circus Krone Munich Germany
5.4.75 The Stadhalle Heidelberg Germany
6.4.75 Philipshalle Dusseldorf Germany
7.4.75 The Westfalenhalle 3 Dortmund Germany
8.4.75 The Congress Centrum Hamburg Germany
10.4.75 The Martinihal – Centrum Groningen The Netherlands
11.4.75 The Ahoy Sportpaleis Rotterdam The Netherlands
12.4.75 The Vorst National Brussels Belgium
14-15.4.75 The Empire Pool – Wembley London England
16.4.75 The Gaumont Theatre Southampton England
18-19.4.75 The Empire Theatre Liverpool England
20.4.75 The Empire Theatre Liverpool England
22-23.4.75 Usher Hall Edinburgh Scotland
24-25.4.75 The City Hall Newcastle England
27-28.4.75 The Palace Theatre Manchester England
29-30.4.75 Colston Hall Bristol England
1-2.5.75 The Hippodrome Birmingham England
8.5.75 The Sports Palace Antwerp Belgium
9.5.75 The Stadthalle Bremen Germany
10.5.75 The Ostseehalle Kiel Germany
11.5.75 The Grugahalle Essen Germany
12.5.75 The Rhein am Main Halle Wiesbaden Germany
13.5.75 The Stadthalle Bremen Germany
15-16.5.75 The Patinoire Rheims France
18.5.75 The Velodromo Anoeta San Sebastian Spain
20.5.75 The Porte de Versailles Paris France
21.5.75 The Palais des Grottes Cambrai France
22.5.75 Palais des Sports Besancon France
24.5.75 Parc des Expositions Toulouse France (Cancelled due to poor ticket sales)

The Band

Peter Gabriel – Vocals/Flute
Tony Banks – Keyboards/Piano
Phil Collins – Drums/Percussion
Mike Rutherford – Bass Guitar,12 string Guitar
Steve Hackett– Lead Guitar, 12 string Guitar

The Tour set list was mainly comprised of :

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Fly On A Windshield, Broadway Melody Of 1974, Cuckoo Cocoon, In The Cage, The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging, Back In N.Y.C., Hairless Heart, Counting Out Time, Carpet Crawlers, The Chamber Of 32 Doors, Lilywhite Lilith, The Waiting Room, Anyway, Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist, The Lamia, Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats, The Colony Of Slippermen, Ravine, The Light Dies Down On Broadway, Riding The Scree, In The Rapids, It

Encores :

The Musical Box
Watcher Of The Skies
The Knife

Additional notes : 

The following tour dates we cancelled and re worked for April 1975 due to Steve Hackett severing a tendon in his left hand and thus being unable to play guitar.

29-30.10.74, The City Hall, Newcastle, England

1-2.11.74, The Palace Theatre, Manchester, England

4.11.74, The Empire Pool – Wembley, London, England

6-7.11.74, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

8-9.11.74, The Hippodrome, Bristol, England

11-12.11.74, The Hippodrome, Birmingham, England

A series of gigs in Italy were going to commence between the 13th and 27th March 1975, but due to Political unrest in the country these were scrapped.

Additional Notes: continued

19.2.75, The Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway An incident remembered differently by former tour manager Regis Boff,

I was the tour manager for Genesis during the years that Peter Gabriel was with them. I was also largely responsible for what was arguably rock’s most embarrassing moment.

This was how it had been planned and rehearsed so long ago.

Peter Gabriel, showman that he was, would be dressed in his “Gods of Magog” outfit , consisting of a long, velvet black cape and a giant triangular headpiece . Through this helmet, only his green iridescent eyes could be seen because of the black light. At the very climax of the set, he was to be made invisible to the audience by a combination of controlled explosions coming from pods on the front lip of the stage.

This would temporarily blind the audience!

These canisters were filled with a martini of flash and gun powder, which would be criminally outlawed today, whereas back then they were simply banned. This was a working example of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. We never told anyone we were going to do it. One of our roadies , Goeff Banks, filled them a couple of hours before the show and would set them off electrically.

Peter was to be further camouflaged by smoke machines (they looked like leaf blowers) and an intense fog that bubbled up by dumping blocks of dry ice, by hand (gloved), into huge buckets of water by the crew. They would explode with vapor, filling, if the prevailing winds permitted, the entire stage. Synchronous with this, Peter was to throw off his hat and cape while keeping a grip on his microphone, as he was “shot,” (hoisted) fifteen feet into the air by nearly invisible thin metal wires, “ called flying” in those days. He would finish the song, in a silver jump suit, as the curtain closed. End of show.

This incident took place somewhere between 1973 and 1975 either in Cleveland, Ohio or in Berlin, Germany. Believe me, in my world, this is terrific accuracy.

I think had Genesis attempted to do more shows than they did during my years it would have required time travel. I can pin it with such exactness because at that time we would only play proscenium arch stages which allowed for curtains and flash pods, as well as the overhead latticework necessary to hang wires for the flying equipment.

Here’s how the “flying” was to work. I had brought in an “expert” who had flown Elton John and his piano into the air a few months earlier. This guy was harnessed to the wires which were connected to Gabriel and he climbed to the top of a tall ladder on stage left, out of sight and waited. On my cue, he would leap off the ladder and because he was the counter balance, up our artist would go. I did the cueing only because I had no other real job, having finished my very important job of literally running around hallways closing doors so no breeze would alter the course of our stage fog.

I sweated the cue because if I got it wrong, Peter would be mid-song and everything else would fall to shit. Well, I thought I nailed the fucker, but I was maybe a second too soon and all hell broke loose. Peter went up fast and sadly, crookedly. His left shoulder was at least a foot and a half higher than his right. In his surprise, he launched his live microphone forward, onto the stage and into the preternaturally loud explosions of the gunpowder pods, sending the blast sound through the mic and into the giant audience speakers deafening Lord knows how many of the punters.

Meanwhile some asshole had clearly opened a door so all my smoke was blowing backward towards the dressing rooms leaving the mayhem clearly visible. The flash pods ( we were later to learn from the fire dept.) had been way over loaded becoming perhaps the first incident of real canon fire ever, during a show, in the history of rock. Peter’s mic sound , as my luck would have it, also went through the band’s stage speakers. Tony Banks, the keyboardist, I saw out of the corner of my now tearing eyes, was hitting Geoff, the explosion roadie, over the head with a tambourine, (of all things) screaming “I am deaf, you made me deaf”. Now all this was happening within a nightmare zone of about ten seconds.

So let me recap, seeing as we both have come this far. I have Gabriel nearly horizontal, fifteen feet in the air, with no microphone and a black cape dangling from his foot. I have the keyboardist in the middle of the stage pounding a roadie as the roadie is desperately trying to extinguish the residue flames pouring from the canisters. I have an audience in a state of mass shock and I have smoke filling up the dressing rooms. So what was the absolute last thing this God could think of to do with me? The front curtain would not close.

In my mind’s eye, even today, this was not a tidy episode. To their credit and my forever resentment, most of the audience hung around to watch us try to get Peter down. It took such a long time.

Regis Boff (from his blog early 2013) – used with permission.

(Steve Hackett confirmed it was 19.2.75, The Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway!)

In the 1991 Documentary Genesis A History where Tony, Mike and Phil remembered it differently with Phil Collins saying “I turned around to the tour manager and said YOUR FIRED!

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