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Steve Hackett interview in Turin during Momentum tour

Steve interviewed whilst in Turin for a concert at the Teatro Colosseo. They discuss the latest album (Momentum) and when it will be released in Italy as well working with Brian May, Bonnie Tyler, and Chris Thompson (which became Feedback and released in 2000). Steve also addresses the future prospect of another GTR album.

The interviewer also talks about Steve playing acoustic guitar over electric guitar, plus some talk on Six of the Best and Steve’s involvement in it.

Interview: Unknown

Station: Radio Torino Popolare

Date: 19th May 1988

Source: Genesis Movement

Edited in Logic (EQ changes and frequency removal, Limited and Compressed slightly). Exported to mp3 for file size reasons. Some background noise is still apparent due to the location.

Transcript not currently available. (If you want like to provide a transcript, please contact us and we’ll provide proper credit)

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