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Soundcheck and Interviews From Leeds (Invisible Touch Tour)

Made up of interviews, soundcheck and footage of the band playing live. Some behind the scenes of how the tour was bought to the town of Leeds and a small bit of reviewing of the show too.

Throwing it All Away
Land of Confusion

Reporter: Sue Crabtree (First Segment), Clarence Mitchell (Second Segment)

Footage from around: 26th June 1987 – 29th June 1987

Show: Look North (Regional Program)

Channel: BBC Leeds (Local UK Channel)

Air date:????

Notes: A ticket for the show is available here.

The footage is a bit hit and miss on this and would require a lot of work to try and even it out, and even then it would be hard. However some good content here still! We might revisit this at some point in the future.

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