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Small Updates for the New Year

So we’ve been making some small upgrades to the site and thinking of ways to branch out.

We’ve always wanted to do either a radio station or a podcast. Now we know a radio station exists in the Genesis realm, however we thought a weekly or monthly podcast might be an interesting idea. The equipment and resources are available, however it is the time and commitment that we are unsure about, and some legal issues. Either way we’ll brain storm ideas and keep people posted.

Youtube page has also been running well, so a tie between the two ideas may be even more appropriate. We may make some changes to the look of the site, as we really like the timeline view but it is starting to become a bit too long and loading has become an issue on some pages.

If any one has suggestions or want to help out don’t be afraid to email and drop us a message, we’ll get back as soon as possible and will be grateful for any help.

(March Update – Making some waves with the podcast as we have found some time to sit down and test.)

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