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Six Of The Best (a Benefit for Womad) 2nd October

The Six Of The Best (a Benefit for Womad) Genesis reunion show with Peter Gabriel.

Scheduled Dates
Date Venue City Country Additional Comments
28 – 30.9.82 Hammersmith Odeon London England Rehearsals (Dates unconfirmed)
02.10.82 The Milton Keynes Bowl Buckinghamshire England Show

John Martyn (opened the show )


John Martyn – Vocal/Guitar
Ronnie Leahy – Keyboards
Alan Thomson – Bass
Jeff Allen – Drums
Danny Cummings – Percussion

The Show set list comprised of :

Unknown at this time, rumours abound that it was an Electric set list!

The Blues Band

Paul Jones – Vocals/Harmonica (formerly of Manfred Mann 1960’s line up)
Dave Kelly – Vocalist/Slide Guitar
Gary Feltcher – Bass Guitar
Tom McGuinness – Guitar (formerly of Manfred Mann)
Rob Townsend – Drums/Percussion (formerly of the band Family)

The Show set list comprised of :

Unknown at this time.

Talk Talk

Mark Hollis – Vocals
Lee Harris – Drums/Percussion
Paul Webb – Bass Guitar
Simon Brenner – Keyboards

The Show set list comprised of :

Unknown at this time.

GENESIS (Main attraction)

Tony Banks – Keyboards/Piano
Phil Collins – Vocals/Drums/Percussion
Mike Rutherford – Bass Guitar/Lead Guitar
Chester Thompson – Drums/Percussion
Daryl Stuermer – Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar


Peter Gabriel – Vocals/Drums

Steve Hackett – Lead Guitar (I Know What I Like & The Knife)

The Show set list comprised of :

Back in NYC, Dancing with The Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawlers, Firth of Fifth, The Musical Box, Solsbury Hill, Turn It On Again, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Fly on a Windshield-In The Cage, Suppers Ready, I Know What I Like, The Knife.

Additional notes : The Genesis part of the show was captured by a number of audience bootleggers and thankfully they did so because neither Genesis or Peter Gabriel have ever released or publicly confirmed the existence of a professional audio or visual record of the show in their archives.

In 2001 when the longest running Official Genesis website was set up the then webmaster got access to a list of C 90 and C 120 Cassette tapes that Phil Collins had recorded, On this list was 2/10/82 and some of the rehearsals with Peter from the 29/9/82… This only serves to fuel the intense debate as to why these cannot be released.

Further notes: 

Steve Hackett – flew all the way back from Brazil to make the show arriving just in time to play (I Know What I Like and The Knife) which as soon as his presence is announced you can hear the audience become rapturous once hearing this news.

Peter Gabriel – arrived on stage in a Coffin carried on by pall bearers, bizarrely no photographs exist of this entrance.

Jonathan King – came on stage after Talk Talk to introduce the band but the audience clearly were soaked through and were not impressed by JK’s presence as can be heard on a bootleg of the show.

Talk Talk – Were actually bottled off fans began throwing bottles containing all sorts at the Talk Talk drummer but having waited so long in the deluge of rain that is often reported about this event one can see how tempers were fraying.

Peter Gabriel – later remarks in an Old Grey Whistle Test interview ( 9th October 1982 ) About the event and the rain especially with him mentioning that it started in very early into the morning of 2nd October and it didnt finish until early in the morning of the 3rd October and yet each day either side was glorious sunshine.

Mike Rutherford – Later remarks during an interview HERE that they (Genesis) were asked to do further dates of the Six Of The Best line up at the Lyceum Theatre in London but they declined.

Filming of the show (Grassy Knoll conspiracy etc)

It is widely debated amongst fans as to whether the show was filmed either professionally or just for the band or Peter’s personal archive, Fans talk about seeing cameramen on the stage or in the sound tower above the mixing desk etc

I have read accounts by fans and at least one former member of the road crew who was on stage during the performance and filming that I find makes me believe the show was filmed.


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