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Please Don’t Touch

Please Don’t Touch is Steve Hackett’s second album recorded between November 1977 and February 1978, featuring a large cast of musicians as well as Chester Thompson (Genesis touring drummer) amongst Richie Havens and Randy Crawford!


  1. Narnia
  2. Carry On Up The Vicarage
  3. Racing In A
  4. Kim
  5. How Can I?
  6. Hoping Love Will Last
  7. Land Of A Thousand Autumns
  8. Please Don’t Touch
  9. The Voice Of Necam
  10. Icarus Ascending
Bonus Tracks (On 2005 remaster)
  • Narnia (John Perry vocal version)
  • Land Of A Thousand Autumns/Please Don’t Touch (Live)
  • Narnia (Alternative version)

John Hackett – Flutes, Piccolos, Bass Pedals, Keyboards
Tom Fowler – Bass
Graham Smith – Violin
Hugh Malloy – Cello
Steve Hackett – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Richie Havens – Vocals, Percussion
Steve Walsh – Vocals
Randy Crawford – Vocals
Dave Lebolt – Keyboards
John Acock – Keyboards
Chester Thompson – Drums,Percussion
Phil Ehart – Drums, Percussion
James Bradly – Percussion
Dale Newman – Guest vocals (Icarus Ascending)
Dan Owen – Guest vocals (Icarus Ascending)

Maria Bovino – Guest Female Soprano (‘Hoping Love’)

Necam – The Neve Console Mix Computer
The Robert Morton Pipe Organ (Destroyed in a Fire at the Record Plant L.A)


Produced by John Acock, Steve Hackett
Engineered by John Acock, Chip, Rob, Mark & Rafe

Cover designed originally by Kim Poor/Ad design


Released 6th May 1978  Charisma (CDS4012) VINYL
Re-mastered edition 19th Sptember 2005 (CDSCDR4012) CD



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