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Phil Collins – You Ought To Know – Toyota – Youth Action Europe

During August 1997 in England I could often hear Phil Collins playing on the London Radio stations, this was usually just before an advert for the latest Toyota Corolla.

The suggestion was if you took a Toyota Corolla for a test drive at a Toyota dealership you would be given a rare Phil Collins CD which included some songs from his current album as well as some new songs.

The advert stressed that you didnt have to buy the car, just test drive it.

Therefore we assume that this CD Maxi Single was released in the middle of August 1997.

Track Listing

    Oughta Know By Now
    I Don’t Want To Go
    Another Time
    It’s Over
    It’s Everywhere
    Wear My Hat

Released by Atlantic Records – Catalogue number (TO COR97)

Notes: Ought to know by now and Wear my hat are taken from the 1996 album Dance Into The light.

Further Notes:

I dont want to go
Another time
It’s everywhere

Are released on this CD Maxi single for the first time and It’s Everywhere sounds very similar to Wear My Hat.

It’s Over – A Demo which was an additional track on the Dance Into The Light CD Single.

Wear My Hat – Was eventually released as a CD Single.

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