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Phil Collins – The Definitive Biography by Ray Coleman

Ray Coleman a former british music journalist and editor of Melody Maker who sadly died during the writing of this book, it is believed it was finished by his wife.

Sadly the book suffers as it focus’s too much on the break down of Phil’s second marriage to Jill Tavelman making the book seem trashy rather than a tome of further and credible reference.

Some interesting people interviewed but one cannot be so certain on the validity of some of the comments it feels like these were candid comments or throwaway comments from interviews that were thrown into the book at the embarrassment of the interviewees!

The book still contains some interesting angles and of course is an update on Phil’s life from the last book written by Johnny Waller in 1985.

Note:¬†Phil Collins signed my copy with the words “Don’t Believe All You Read!”

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Hardback (Cased)
  • Unknown if still available
  • ISBN 0-684-81784-5
  • Date published: .11.97


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