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Phil Collins – A Life Less Ordinary – Documentary about Phil Collins

The BBC along with Sanctuary Visual Entertainment produced a documentary about the work and life of Phil Collins, singer – song writer – drummer – genesis band member.

Documentary narrated by Mariella Frostrop.

It featured interviews with Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer, Steve Jones (drum tech and assistant) and Danny Gillen (assistant), Richard Macphail (former Genesis assistant),

Other interviews,

Julie Waters, Bob Geldof, Quincy Jones, Tom Schumacher (Disney), Bob Hoskins, Ozzy Osbourne amongst others
(such as journalist Matthew Wright)

Family interviews,

Orianne (Phil’s wife at the time), Joely Collins (adopted daughter), Clive Collins (Phil’s brother), Carole Dreamer (Phil’s sister), June Collins (Phil’s mother), and of course Phil.

The DVD contains extra interviews or longer interviews which contribute 95 minutes more than was originally broadcast.

Extra note: Phil Collins long time PA Annie Callingham was interviewed for the documentary but didnt make the final edit.

All in all a really good documentary which if you include the extra’s will teach even the most ardent fan something new… watch out for Danny Gillen and Steve Jones joking during the extra’s interview.

It was going to be released on the 14th April 2003, this was put back to the 9th June 2003.

Main Feature : 60 Minutes

Bonus Features : 95 Minutes

Language : English

Aspect Ratio : 16:9

PAL Colour

Dolby Digital Stereo.

Catalogue Number SVE 3031

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