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Our plans

We have achieved far more than we first anticipated, not only is there a forum but there is also a twitter feed and of course facebook.

We have also been busy on Youtube uploading content that we feel should be readily available.

The site continues to grow and whilst we have had a small number of people helping us either through donating material such as tickets or posters etc and the rare person who has donated a couple of pounds to make running the site easier.

A lot of the site content is sourced from Ebay because frankly that’s the easiest place to obtain old interviews, vinyl singles, tickets and other memorabilia the reality as such is this costs money.

The site needs your input both creatively in the form of ideas and suggestions but also physically with a scan perhaps of a single or a couple of pounds for us to obtain the next ebay bargin.

We are currently also working on creating a series of videos that we will upload online for your viewing pleasure. I am the runner of the media related side of the site, so I will be the one posting to the twitter feed and facebook. Oh by the way we now have a twitter feed and facebook! I have also helped design the forum to look more in line yet distinct to the archive itself. I’ve also started creating some idents and logos for the twitter feeds and videos etc.

If you have an idea of something you would like to see sign up to the forum and let us know in the Site Improvement section. Even if it is something small like a slight colour scheme change or you’ve notice that the logo’s ‘G’ doesn’t quite hit the bottom and disappears too early; don’t worry we have noticed that small detail and I’ll update that later on!

Glad to see people starting to follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts however we would love some more, so get the word out in the community.

From the team at the Archive.

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