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Phil Collins was absent for this album and tour mainly because of the heavy work load with the group Genesis not only did they embark on the And Then There Were Three album, but they had to recruit a new guitarist to replace Steve Hackett… and embark on a major world tour that saw Genesis going to America, Canada, Europe, Japan etc

This album also marks the departure of Kenwood Dennard the touring drummer from 1977 (who appears on Livestock) replaced by Chuck Burgi.

Track listing

Side one

“The Poke” (Goodsall) – 5:10
“Masques” (Jones, Robinson) – 3:16
“Black Moon” (Pert) – 4:48
“Deadly Nightshade” (Pert) – 11:22

Side two

“Earth Dance” (Pert) – 6:06
“Access to Data” (Goodsall) – 8:00
“The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge” (Jones) – 10:17


John Goodsall – guitar
Percy Jones – bass
J. Peter Robinson – keyboards
Morris Pert – percussion, electric piano (3)
Chuck Burgi – drums


Produced by Robin Lumley

Recorded May to June 1978 Trident Studio’s, London


The album was released on the 8th September 1978 on Charisma Records (CAS 1138)

and much later on CD by Virgin Records in 1989 (CASCD 1138)


“The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge” is based on a true story about a carriage house where Percy Jones was staying which was said to be haunted,

February, 2003:”The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge” directly from Percy Jones, in his own words:

Mayfield Lodge does exist, it’s located in Shortlands in Kent, I lived there from about 1972 to 1977. It was originally a coach house for an estate that at some point was converted into a Flat (apartment). There were 3 of us living there, two of us were bass players and the other guy was a tech who worked for the Ministry of Defense, after a while we all started to hear strange things, though no-one actually saw anything (Thank goodness) .

We later found out that a stable boy had hung himself in what used to be a hay loft, which had subsequently been converted into a bathroom. We assumed that the strange “goings on” were connected to him.

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