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Lyrics – Genesis – Invisible Touch – Phil Collins Lyric Sheet –

A single A4 page of hand written work in progress draft lyrics in the hand of ‘Phil Collins’
for the song ‘Invisible Touch are an early draft of lyrics for Invisible Touch – Genesis 1986.

Note: Writing and record sessions took place between October 1985 and March 1986.

“Invisible Touch” originated as the band were working on “The Last Domino”, the second part of “Domino”. During the session, Rutherford began to play an improvised guitar riff to which Collins replied with an off-the-cuff lyric —”She seems to have an invisible touch”—which became the song’s chorus hook. Rutherford expressed a desire to perhaps explore different themes for the song, but felt the phrase had “always felt so comfortable” and saw no reason to. Collins rates the track as “a great pop song. It encapsulated the whole record and it pushed Genesis into a bit of an R&B area, a little like a Prince thing”.

(Bowler and Dray, 1993) pages 202, 203.

Notice many different ideas for lyrics especially elements of the verse / chorus. This is the second set of lyrics to Invisible Touch that have come up for auction the difference being that those lyrics were longer in length and that they were all in blue biro. These are potentially an earlier set of lyrics which have been written in blacksharpie pen.

On sale on an auction site but for now we could only obtain an image from the online catalogue.

(Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this item)

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