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Jesus He Knows Me / Hearts On Fire

Jesus He Knows Me was a clever swipe about American (mainly) TV evangelists who sell there wares on TV and suggest that you ring in and donate your money for your prayers to be answered.

After a few high profile legal cases about the legitimacy of where this money was going to people such as Jimmy Swaggart and Ernest Angely became known to a wider audience.

The video to accompany this is very funny and there are some great references within it… “Stretch forth yer hands and touch the screen”

Jesus He Knows Me was released on the 25th July 1992 reaching number 20 in the UK charts and staying in the charts for 7 weeks.

Side A

Jesus He Knows Me

Side B

Hearts On Fire  (non album track)

Released on Virgin Records (GENS 9)

Produced by Nick Davis and Genesis

Engineered by Nick Davis, Assisted by Mark Robinson

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