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I Know What I Like – Armando Gallo

This is Armando Gallo’s second book about Genesis, Armando seized control of the book because he partly didn’t like the crazy decision by the original publisher to use two feet sticking out of the water. This version of Armando’s painstaking love and attention to detail is the bench mark for all books about Genesis. this one includes an amusing foreword by non other than Mike Rutherford who recounts what Armando can be like in an amusing style.

This is a worthy tome about the band not many author’s have come close since Armando’s efforts, with updated photos and text making this a worthy addition to your Genesis collection it is an update on the original (with feet on the cover from 1978) with Armando taking more control and becoming his own publisher. Armando would even distribute it himself to places like Tower Records!

An advert for the book was printed in both the UK and North American Genesis DUKE tour programmes!

Publisher: Sidwick and Jackson Ltd
Format: Paperback (softback)
Pages: 178
Unknown if still available
ISBN 0-283-98703-0
Date published: 01.08.80 (Not sure as it was on sale during the Duke tour)

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