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Gig review – PC – The Daily Express – 9th December

A Review of the gig which took place on Thursday 8th December at Wembley Arena, London, England.

The review appeared in The Daily Express on the 9th December 1994. Clearly the reviewer
is unprofessional and not so articulate lacking an ability to describe much of the three hour
show but instead becoming vicious and personal for reasons that are never explained.

Shame on Frances Hubbard!

MEANWHILE – A woman called Stephanie Blakey writes in to counter the claims made by Frances, Stephanie
writes that the show she attended on Sunday 11th December 1994 was a totally different experience to the one
that Frances described. Attached to this post for reference but likely printed within a week of Stephanie’s show

(Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for these contrasting items)

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