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Genesis – “50 Years Ago” – new source for From Genesis To Revelation sessions

The story about this collection begins with some comments from Jonathon King “Some time ago we got a call from someone working for the Kassner Estate that an old warehouse was being emptied and had been found to contain hundreds of multi track tapes from the Regent Sound Studios in the Sixties – including the Genesis sessions”.

This is a revelation because previously Jonathon had told us that the original album multitrack tape was believed lost in the 2006 Iron Mountain warehouse fire in London, for more information read Iron Warehouse Fire

So you can imagine our surprise when we learned about this new release and new source material, Jonathon continues “On listening they are packed with gems. For a start how incredibly public school and precious we all were “excuse me Chris; could you smack the snare drum rim a little harder please, if you wouldn’t mind?”.

Actually you can hear Jonathon King, Tom Allom engineer, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and others in this outtakes

Jonathon goes on to say “So we’ve done several remixes including strip downs and out takes and we’re releasing it this month to celebrate 50 years of Genesis, the reason 50 Years Ago includes some including strings and brass is because, on listening, they sounded great – so we’ve included some with as well as some without and some vocals only.

One of a number of newly unearthed Multi Track tape boxes – 2017 © Jonjo Music Ltd

All this was done with Steve Levine in his superb studio up in Liverpool (Steve is also a top producer and makes the wonderful Record Producer series for the BBC).

Released on the 1st May 2017

Track Listing

01 In Hiding (Vocals) (2:35)
02 One Day (New Stereo Mix) (3:29)
03 A Winter’s Tale [multiple mono takes with studio chatter] (7:38)
04 A Place to Call My Own (Vocals) (1:03)
05 The Silent Sun [mono mix] (2:14)
06 In Hiding (New Stereo Mix) (2:38)
07 On the Trail of the One Eyed Hound (New Stereo Mix) (2:39)
08 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet [mono mix] (3:25)
09 A Place to Call My Own (New Mix) (2:22)
10 One Day [mono mix] (3:22)
11 In Limbo [mono mix] (3:27)
12 Am I Very Wrong? [mono mix] (3:02)
13 The Serpent [mono mix] (4:02)
14 The Serpent (Vocals) (3:57)
15 The Silent Sun (Alternate New Mix) [mono w/o strings] (2:13)
16 The Conqueror [mono mix] (3:27)
17 Image Blown Out [alternate demo version] (2:48)
18 That’s Me [mono mix] (2:37)
19 In the Wilderness [mono mix] (3:23)
20 The Window [mono mix] (3:34)
21 In the Beginning (New Mix) (4:23)
22 Fireside Song (New Mix) (3:38)
23 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet (New Mix) [w/o strings] (3:29)

For now there are only digital copies of this album, you can obtain yours from Amazon

50 Years Ago Genesis Amazon UK

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