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Cleaning Images – What We’re Doing Here At TGA

One of the processes that we are going to do here at The Genesis Archive (and have been doing since the start), is cleaning and making scans and other images look newer, removing any of the issues that arise from the scanning process or general wear over time. Take this example of Steve on the cover of Beat Magazine. As it is an old magazine, natural tears have occurred over time. Not only that, but as so often the case, the scan produced some unwanted green spots all over Steve. Most images are brought into photoshop and the tears and the first thing recovered, and in this case the green spots were the next thing removed. The colours were enhanced and the overall image was sharpened.

One thing we are thinking of doing is reproducing the original Genesis Magazines using the original source images and possibly compiling them in some way. For example take this page from Issue 1, here is a mock up of how it would look.

Obviously that is only a mockup based on the first issue, but if we were to do it we would make sure things like the formatting in that black box is correct and the Genesis Font is as ‘heavy’ edged.

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