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Box set – Genesis – The BBC Broadcasts

‘BBC Broadcasts’ is an extensive collection of broadcast material from one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time and one of Britain’s most internationally renowned bands. Curated by founder member Tony Banks and the group’s long-time engineer and producer Nick Davis it is available as a 53-track 5-CD set. These collections represent the cream of the group’s work recorded by the BBC between 1970 and 1998, and it includes contributions from all three of the group’s vocalists, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Ray Wilson.

With notes by author Michael Hann, and packaged with a 40-page booklet, ‘BBC Broadcasts’ contains favorites such as ‘Home By The Sea’, ‘Mama’, ‘Duchess’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’, ‘No Son Of Mine’ ‘Turn It On Again’ and many more.

This box set was released on the 3rd of March 2023.

Disc: 1
1 Shepherd (Live On BBC Nightride, 1970)
2 Pacidy (Live On BBC Nightride, 1970)
3 Let Us Now Make Love (Live On BBC Nightride, 1970)
4 Fountain of Salmacis (Live in Paris, 1972)
5 Musical Box (Live in Paris, 1972)
6 Stagnation (Live On Sounds of the Seventies, 1971)
7 Herlequin (Live On Peel Sessions, January 1972)
8 Get Em Out By Friday (Peel Sessions, September 1972)
9 Harold the Barrel (Peel Sessions, September 1972)
10 Twilight Alehouse (Live On Peel Sessions, September 1972)
11 Watcher of the Skies (Live in Concert, 1975)

Disc: 2
1 Squonk (Live at Knebworth, 1980)
2 Burning Rope (Live at Knebworth, 1980)
3 Dance On a Volcano (Live at Knebworth, 1980)
4 Drum Duet (Live at Knebworth, 1980)
5 Los Endos (Live at Knebworth, 1980)
6 Deep in the Motherlode (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
7 Dancing With the Moonlight Knight (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
8 Carpet Crawlers (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
9 One for the Vine (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
10 Behind the Lines (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
11 Duchess (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
12 Guide Vocal (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
13 Turn It On Again (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
14 Dukes Travels (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
15 Dukes End (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)

Disc: 3
1 Say It’s Alright Joe (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
2 The Lady Lies (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
3 Ripples (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
4 In the Cage (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
5 The Raven (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
6 Afterglow (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
7 Follow You (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
8 I Know What I Like (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
9 The Knife (Live at the Lyceum, 1980)
10 Mama (Live at Wembley, 1987)
11 Domino (Live at Wembley, 1987)

Disc: 4
1 That’s All (Live at Wembley, 1987)
2 The Brazilian (Live at Wembley, 1987)
3 Throwing It All Away (Live at Wembley, 1987)
4 Home By the Sea (Live at Wembley, 1987)
5 Second Home (Live at Wembley, 1987)
6 Invisible Touch (Live at Wembley, 1987)
7 Drum Duet (Live at Wembley, 1987)
8 Los Endos (Live at Wembley, 1987)
9 Not About Us (Live at the NEC, Birmingham, 1998)
10 Dividing Line (Live at the NEC, Birmingham, 1998)

Disc: 5
1 No Son of Mine (Live at Knebworth, 1992)
2 Driving the Last Spike (Live at Knebworth, 1992)
3 Old Medley (Live at Knebworth, 1992)
4 Fading Lights (Live at Knebworth, 1992)
5 Hold On My Heart (Live at Knebworth, 1992)
6 I Can’t Dance (Live at Knebworth, 1992)

Notes: Despite the claims that Genesis had already released the material, from their Wembley 1987 performance. This audio captures an entirely different night, than those used for the official video / DVD. The box set is naturally as with most Genesis products, in complete and missing songs from the performances. The booklet is a bit amateurish which is a real shame.

Further notes: It was interesting to see articles / tickets used from The Genesis Archive, especially when you consider we were not approached.

Label ‏: ‎ UMC – Virgin Domestic

To order your copy of the BBC box set, click on the link – Amazon UK

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