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Book – Genesis – By Alain Bayeulle and Laurence Berrouet –

This is a co-authored book about the history of Genesis from 1963 through to 1987, the book was likely written and released to capitalise on the success of the 1986 Genesis album Invisible touch. The Invisible touch tour was due to arrive in France in May and June of 1987 respectively. There are some well known (common) photos within the book, but also some rather rare ones, although the rare ones date from the mid seventies through to 1987.


  • Acknowledgments page 06
  • Preface page 07
  • GENESIS, The History page 09
  • Anthony (Tony) Banks page 69
  • Philip (Phil) Collins page 75
  • Peter Gabriel page 91
  • Stephen Hackett page 111
  • Anthony Phillips page 121
  • Michael Rutherford page 129
  • Discography page 136
  • Videography page140
  • Bibliography page 141

Text from the rear of the book:

Genesis, an unclassifiable, anti-star, unpredictable and perfectionist phenomenon, which has managed, without the support of the media and fashions, to rise to the top of today’s music. A strange jewel of the seventies, Genesis asserts itself as the most spectacular group of the eighties and around its name turned out to be performers as astonishing as Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins. Alain Bayeulle and Laurence Berrouet have brought together and with records, archives, videos, photos, interviews and testimonies to produce a reference book, retracing in detail the whole history of the group and the solo careers of each, from 1963 to 1987.

Publisher: Albin Michel
Authors: Alain Bayeulle and Laurence Berrouet
Format: Paperback (Softback)
Photographs: Black and White (greyscale)
Pages in number: 140
ISBN: 2226027890
Country Of Origin: Paris, France
Language: French
Date published: 1st May 1987

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