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Audio Reel – Stereo – Genesis – Lamb – Rough Mixes – September

This is an interesting 1/4 inch Basf tape reel originating from the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway sessions.

It is highly likely to be from Island Studios, Basing Street, London. Its likely to stem from September 1974 during the latter stages of production.

Gen lamb tapes 1

A number of quarter inch tapes Lamb sessions, copyright © Robert Ellis

To put simply it is a reel containing different versions of the following songs:

  • Counting Out Time
  • The Chamber of 32 Doors
  • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  • Supernatural Anaesthetist (Steve’s Solo)
  • Back In N.Y.C (7/8)
  • Hairless Heart & Intro/Transition to Counting Out Time  (Steve’s + Floyd)

Working titles on the rear of the tape box do not match the entire contents of the tape and may have been on the tape previously before being wiped for reuse.

  • Sex Song / Counting Out Time
  • Countryman / The Chamber Of 32 Doors
  • Broadway / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  • Anyway / Anyway (crossed out)
  • Light / The Light Dies Down On Broadway OR Lilywhite Lilith (crossed out)
  • Claustrophobia / In The Cage (crossed out)
Gen Lamb tape 2

Is this our tape with a track sheet stuck on it, far left hand side copyright © Robert Ellis

It appears that the intro piece for Counting Out Time and was recorded separately to the rest of the track and thus stitched together to create a seamless transition and continuous piece of music. It is reasonable to assume that several tracks were firmly laid out and consistent with the final track order. The second half of the tape represents the three song medley that begins with Back in N.Y.C and ends with Counting Out Time.

This post will be continuously open for updates: Including investigating Steve’s 7/8 and Steve’s Floyd.

Credit to the TGA for this and to Great Bear.

Thanks to Robert Ellis for providing photographs of various tape reels from the Lamb sessions.

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