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  • Anthony Tracking guitar for Anna's album with engineer James Collins
  • Anthony and producer Brian Edward Coombes
  • Anthony tracking 12 string for Anna's album
  • Jonathan Mover with Anna Madsen and Brian Edward Coombes

Anthony Phillips Guests on Anna Madsen’s Efflorescence

Anthony collaborated with Anna Madsen on her album Efflorescence. Providing electric guitar on ‘Black Dress’, 12 string on ‘Irena’s Lullay’ and cuatro guitar on ‘Pioneer Hymn’.

In the photos you can see Anthony with Brian Edward Coombes and engineer James Collins.

Jonathan Mover who has played with Steve Hackett and GTR also provided drums on the record on Devil’s Garden and is also resampled for the drums on Black Dress.

Brian Edward Coombes also provided this piece of information about the collaboration.

The original plan was for Ant to play 12 string on ‘Irena’s Lullaby’. We finished that quickly so Ant and I listened to a few other songs to see where he might be able to contribute. He liked ‘Black Dress’ and developed a nice arpeggio part throughout the song and played harmonics on the end. Ant first enters when Anna sings “I’m zipping up my black dress on in the dark.” Ant’s part is clean throughout and his harmonics enter in the breakdown. We then went to ‘Pioneer Hymn’ after auditioning various folk instruments from Ant’s extensive collection. It was an incredibly productive session. Ant also thought Soldier Song was a beautiful. We talked about him playing on that one as well, but ultimately he and I decided it was better to keep that one simple.

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You can learn more about Anna at

Thanks to Brian Edward Coombes at Rocking Horse Studios for providing information and photos for this post.


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