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A Life Within A Day – Squackett

A Life Within A Day, a Steve Hackett and Chris Squire project that came together as Squackett released an
album together of music on the 28th May 2012.

The album was released in three physical formats, one of these the DVD Audio Deluxe version includes the album
in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Track Listing

1. “A Life Within a Day” 6:35
2. “Tall Ships” 6:18
3. “Divided Self”
4. “Aliens”
5. “Sea of Smiles”
6. “The Summer Backwards”
7. “Stormchaser”
8. “Can’t Stop the Rain”
9. “Perfect Love Song”



Chris Squire — bass, vocals
Steve Hackett — guitars, harmonica, vocals
Roger King — keyboards
Jeremy Stacey — drums
Amanda Lehmann — backing vocals

String players on “Life Within a day”

Dick Driver — double bass
Richard Stewart — cello
Christine Townsend — viola, violin


Roger King — producer, programming
Xu Bing — cover image
Jon Brewer — licensing
Mark Powell — project coordinator
Vicky Powell — coordination
Phil Smee — artwork, design
Angéla Vicedomini — photography
Maurizio Vicedomini — photography

Record Company: Esoteric Antenna

Catalogue Number: EANTCD 21002 (CD / DVDA)
EANTCD 1002 (CD)
EANTLP 1002 (LP)

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