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A Groovy Kind Of Love / Big Noise (Instrumental)

A Groovy Kind Of Love was originally a hit for the Mindbenders in the 1960’s, Phil Collins was starring in Buster the big screen adaptation of the story of Buster Edwards who was part of a team of criminals who took part in the Great Train Robbery of 1963 in the UK. Phil Collins had a thought whilst on the set to include some incidental music he decided upon a subtle version of A Groovy Kind Of Love which he hoped would appear in the rushes only as a way of adding emotion to the scene he and Julie Waters were starring in. The director took this as though Phil wanted to add more to the film and the next minute this song was to be part of the film.

A music video is made up of clips from the movie was put together it starts with Phil looking through the rushes alone in a small warehouse and ends with him turning off the projector and the light in the warehouse and then closing the door.

A Groovy Kind Of Love was released on the 3rd September 1988 reaching number 1 in the UK charts were it remained at number 1 for two weeks! and staying in the charts for 13 weeks.

Side A

A Groovy Kind Of Love

Side B

Big Noise (Instrumental)

Released on Virgin Records (VS 1117)

A Groovy Kind Of Love Produced by Phil Collins and Anne Dudley

Big Noise Produced by Phil Collins and Lamont Dozier

Note: This would go on to become a stage favourite on Phil Collins tours and it has been performed every tour from the 1990 But Seriously Tour onwards.

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