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We are always willing to hear about any projects you may be working on, with some information and literature we will sometimes promote these projects. If there is an error or misinformation please report it using the social media accounts and we will endeavour to respond and correct the issue.

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This site is created with Genesis and the fans at heart. We would love for it to grow into a collaborative effort whereas much Genesis and related info is available. We have a Live Guide and Reviews. Lyrics and song information pages for each song from every album. The timeline function helps to display the posts in all their glory; displaying the order of releases and interviews. Constantly expanding, adding and improving the site like a giant wiki.

We hope to keep the flame and memories of Genesis alive by collating everything related to them, to celebrate all the artists behind the music.

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Disclaimer: This site is for educational and or study purposes only and not for commercial profit, therefore credit is given where possible, but no commercial gain is possible from material hosted on the website. It is not run or managed or sanctioned by Genesis, its members past and present or the management company TSPM formally known as Hit and Run.

This site is by no means completed and it’s going to be a long work in progress! However we will try as much as possible to add and keep content coming on a regular basis. At the current time there is at least one update a day, however usually there are several.

Thank You’s and Contribute

There are so many people, websites, and contributors to mention. We will try our very best to give credit where credit is due and we will link to any original sources for specific information. Thank you to everyone who has helped out and the band members and crew that have helped to provide material or interviews for the site.

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