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Genesis on Bataclan in 1973

From a very long time (40 years this year) comes this classic piece of Genesis history. An early show that captures the band at a very important period. The interviews are unfortunately not subtitled and thus overdubbed in French, but the original interview is audible underneath. To help we have added captions and subtitles. Turn them on via the YouTube player.

Captions by Medulla and Tacotac64

Interviewer: How did the group begin?

PG: Well three of us began at school…

PG: And uh… as songwriters

PG: but since nobody wanted our songs, we started to play together as a band…

PG… in order to become known, to make our sell the songs.

PG: but this also failed, so we decided to go full time “on the road”, as they say

INT: What kind of music did you play then ?

PG: Errm, Simple pop songs.

INT: Not folk songs?

PG: Not particularly

PG: Well, when we first went on the road, it was more ‘Folky’

MR: Yes, during our first lives we used to sound way more “folky” as we do now… now we play more loud music.

INT: Who were you influenced by?

MR: Very much the Beatles…I think

MR: and people like Donovan too…

MR: That sort of thing

INT:Are you still influenced by The Beatles?

MR: Oh yes, but they’ve influenced everything really.

PG: There weren’t only the Beatles but also Procol Harum, King Crimson…

PG: That wasn’t at the beginning… but…

TB: In fact, the biggest influences from the beginnings were hymns and religious chants… I always liked the hymn melodies…

INT: When actually did the music you play now take shape, at which time ?

MR: Well we started professionally doing live shows, I suppose.

Yes, it was already there about three years ago and began to develop from this moment ’til now…

INT: When did you begin to add the theatrical side of the performance?

PC: That’s happened naturally, you know

PG: I think I was trying to do different things. Like I was trying to do a bit of mime

PG: and it increased with the music…and this last year it became more exaggerated than before…

INT: Were you influenced by other bands like…

PG: (Gleefully) – Alice Cooper, David Bowie?

(Phil exclaims no)

PG: Now we want it to be perfectly clear for everyone and forever

PG: All I’ve done is only pure imitation of someone else.

PG: But I’m not very good at imitating them.

PG: But I do my best.

PG: Alice Cooper, I studied… I spent six months in America

PG: I went to a copy him. And I made, I think it was, 17 films of Alice Cooper on stage.

PG: Just to copy his movements, almost exactly.

PG: And Uh, David Bowie.

PG: I’ve been living with him for the last three years, which allowed me to understand a lot of his technique…

INT: And you think this theatrical

INT: …aspect is a continuation of the music?

PG: Yeah, it shouldn’t… dominate really. It should colour.

INT: And are you the only one doing the theatrical [bits] on stage.

INT: Why not the others?

PG: Well they sit down and they’re busy with their instruments.

TB: Even though he sings, there are a lot of moments where he’s not singing.

TB: and so he must do something to get paid as much as the rest of us.

PC: *Uncontrollable Laughter*

INT: Have you never been tempted to…???

TB: No Time…

INT: It seems to me that Peter is acting like a pop star, as if the others only play as a support band…

MR: Well actually he plays… PG: Actually *laughter and indecipherable*

PG: Tony… Tony is having tap dancing lessons and next time we play in France he will do five minutes of tap dancing…

PG: And Steve does a few Maurice Chevalier numbers.

SH: 🙂

MR. (saving the drowning interviewer) – The point to remember is that the theatrical side always enhances the music rather than comes before the music…

The Musical Box
Supper’s Ready
Return Of The Giant Hogweed
The Knife

Air Date/Recorded Date?: 10th January 1973
Show: Bataclan, Paris
Source: Highlander

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